Fleetwood Studio opened in 2000. Peter Van Adrichem has the rare ability to turn any piece of wood into anything your imagination can think up. From stump sculptures to big black bears or even totem poles, anything is possible. If you are looking for quality wood sculptures then Peter Van Adrichem can be reached at 613-258-9980 by appointment in Kemptville, Ontario.

You are invited  to visit the Studio and Gallery to view my wood sculptures any time and to find a special Rudolph during the Christmas season.

Finishes and Sculpture Sizes

Peter uses wood as his primary medium, most which is white pine or white cedar. There are four main finishes that he uses:
1) Exterior paints
2) Stain with several coats of linseed oil
3) Stain - exterior spar varnish
4) No stain, linseed oil only

The size of the sculpture is limited by the size of the piece of wood. Sometimes when he is on site (if the client is cutting down a tree) he will change the stump into a beautiful work of art. If there's branches sticking out you can leave them there since they can create an extra dimension for wings. A crotch of an elm tree provides a wide wing span.

Stump Sculptures

Have an ugly tree stump at your house? Want to beautify it? Not a problem. We can turn that ugly stump into a work of art. If a tree has grown in a prominent place at a house and the owner wants to preserve/enhance a home and keep part of the tree then Peter can come to the house and carve the stump into something wonderful. He usually carves bears, eagles and other birds and all the carving is done on site. Sometimes customers do their own finishes themselves, otherwise wood preserve and stain/linseed oil are used to seal the wood.

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*** CTV Ottawa Morning Live aired a segment about Fleetwood Studio on Nov 24, 2011***

If you're interested in buying my Rudolph reindeers, please call 613-258-9980 for an appointment in Kemptville, Ontario.



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