Peter has carved many sculptures out of logs. Some of these projects provided the unique opportunity to carve poles with designs inspired by the Northwest Coast Haida Totem Poles.

Loose logs of varying sizes can be fantastic mediums for carving one-of-a-kind sculptures as they provide a great number of options. These carvings are generally completed at Fleetwood Studio, depending on the size of the wood. In many cases, Peter has pieces of wood or access to wood that could make great sculptures.


Please contact Peter to discuss the piece of wood and the art that you desire. 


Tree stumps can be the perfect medium, as they are standing upright and secured to the ground!  With some scaffolding in place, Peter can easily carve around the entire stump, creating a wonderful three dimensional carving where once stood a great tree.


If you have a tree that has reached the natural end of its life, or has to come down for other reasons, consider having it transformed into a piece of art that will last for years! A stump sculpture in a prominent place outside a home can provide a way to preserve the tree and enhance the property with an intriguing feature. Peter will come to the property and carve the stump over a few days or weeks (depending on the size of the stump and the intricacy of the desired carving). Branches that are sticking out can be used to carve features such as wings.


Contact Peter before cutting your tree to discuss the ideal portion of the tree to leave for the carving.